Workout of the Day, Nov 29th 2012

Back-to-back Bodyrock Z workouts because I need variation to insanity or I will go insane myself lol.

9 min warmup 10:20  (10 seconds is jogging in place) 18 rounds

  • Jumping jacks (any type of jacks really)
  • Switch kicks (keep elbows close to body, like you are going to kick some one in the face)
  • Ski Jumps (do NOT twist your body, skiiers don’t twist their bodies skiing!)
  • Touch the floor squat jumpsSquat and side kick (straight leg, if you cant lift your leg high enough to keep it straight then lift until you start to bend)
  • Mountain climbers

there is an easier variation on bodyrock website, I just alternated it to get my heartrate up (I love a hard heartpounding workout bahaha)

Caught Stripping Fat WO

Part 1: 6 min AMRAMP (apparently there was a roll over and knee tucks that I forgot…still a good workout though)

  • 2 commando pushups (you are lying on the ground, military style pushup where you’re hands are close to your ribs, do not push your butt up first)
  • jump in to squatjump forward10 SB squats (30 lb)2 jump back

Part 2: 10:50 6 rounds (20 lb sandbag…which i found might be too light, but I hurt my lower back at work a while back)

  • SB swing (keep abs tight and squeeze your but when you thrust your hips forward or you will hurt your back, also dont swing too high.)
  • SB situp (SB above head on ground, lift up over head first and sit up.  Keep legs out straight.  or cross them)

Psychopath Workout

10:20 8 rounds for each exercise so it should take 20 min total without a break.
But I highly suggest at least 30 seconds to 1 min max inbetween each one.

  • Pushup Burpees (or half burpee pushup, or no pushup burpee to alternate it)
  • 1 leg deadlift and jump up (alt legs with each interval, so you will do 4 for each leg)
  • Mountain climbersPlank V hops (originally v-ups but I did those yesterday :P,  Basically jump in and then jump out to the left and twist a bit to engage obliques and jump back IN to the middle and out to the right)
  • Side lunge jump touchdown (originally no jump, but I wanted to add it to make it more challenging)

My Results:

Part 1 – 14 rounds (as soon as i got to 10 I was wondering if i started my clock)  ending HR: 180

Part 2 :

ending HR : 144

Part 3:


Ending HR for each round: 168/180/192/192/186


p90x month 1

Since I keep getting random foot injuries I’ve decided to take a swing at P90X…combined with insanity for cardio days. (at least I can do plyo type exercises, the bike got boring real quick)

First pics are before and second pics are 30 days.  I do apologize for the mess you are about to see, I had one hell of a week at work with the holidays coming up and training for seasonal supervisor for seasonal employees and pulling a lot of overtime….yes we like to start 2 weeks before halloween..which is personally yuck.

Front view:

Front before

front 30 days















Side View:

side view before

side view 30 days















Back view:

back before

back 30 days
















Quite honestly…I can’t really tell if I had progress…. I guess my butt is more lifted in the second pic and my lower back looks smaller…as for the side view, that first pic is my normal posture and the second is also normal posture so I guess my posture improved (take that neck kink!).  I also gained about 2 pounds…so I am debating on adding a short HIIT workout post lifting.

Challenge: no calorie counting in a calorie count world

I know I am late posting this :p

I took some thought into this one.  There was a period in my life where I counted calories, ate unhealthy because I was counting calories.  Went into a program that counted servings, ate a little bit better.  Then stopped counting all together and enjoyed life. And now I am back to counting calories like a mad woman!

So for this week I decided to NOT COUNT my calories.  In a calorie counting obsessed world every forum, news post, article, every single one has it straight on with “calories in : calories out”  method.  But with that method I find myself eating whatever because I still have calories left regardless if I am hungry or not.

So the rules are simple:

  • Do not count calories (haha my main problem)
  • Think about what you are putting in your mouth, that sugary doughnut will bring a different output than that banana. (problem 2!)
  • Respect fullness levels.  Just because you have to eat the remaining 100 calories on that plate to fullfil your qouta doesnt mean you have to if you are full.  Which leads to…
  • Respect your hunger levels.  Are you hungry or are you bored? Are you angry or hurt and want food? Are you actually thirsty?  If not then you might be hungry.
  • Reject your “diet”.  Super low carb? Cutting out meat? Liquid only? Get rid of it.

Also want to throw in another rule for myself just for experimentation:

Must be able to remember what was eaten by the end of the day because the food will get logged at the end.  At the end of the week I will then see how calories end up balancing themselves out.  I may eat 800 calories one day but then 1800 the next 2 days and then 1400. Or more carbs one day and more protein the next day.

No Sugar Challange recap


I noticed that I cut back on a lot of food, less junk and more..peanuts were consumed.

I slipped up on Tuesday, but that was it.  By the time Saturday came around someone brought in cookies…the urge to resist what everyone else was eating in front of me haha.

Now next week I need to come up with a new challenge… not sure if I want to do another diet challenge or if I should do an exercise challenge.


Lovingfit Athletic Lower Body

Part #1:
30 reps of:
3 Jump lunges, SB pick up & knee up

Part 2.  3 Rounds:
20 reps SB Diagonal Pulse Squat Variation (Right)
20 reps SB Squat Booty Pulses
20 Step-Ups & Knee-Up Twist (Right)
20 reps SB Diagonal Pulse Squat Variation (Left)
20 reps SB Squat Booty Pulses
20 Step-Ups & Knee-Up Twist (Left)

20 min HIIT


The Strength Beast Workout

1 Round:

  • Inward Palm One Leg Diagonal Push-Up – 50 reps
  • 8 Crab Kicks & 8 Crab Grab Combo & Walk Over – 10 times
  • Pike-Ups & Split Star – 25 reps
  • Double Bear Push-Ups – 50 reps
  • Pike-Ups & Split Star – 25 reps
  • Two Way Pull-Ups – 20 reps
  • Two Way Bicycle – 50 reps total ( 25 forward 25 reversed )
  • Two Way Pull-Ups – 20 reps


Abs Afterglow

4 mile run


Cant remember where I pulled this from…

5 Rounds:
12 reps 2 back lunge & jump squat combo (each side count as 1 rep) with SB
20 reps toe lifts with SB (35lbs)
30 DB swing (12.5lbs DB)
20 isometric squat & side bends (each side count as 1 rep)

20 min of Tabata style, 20:10 x8 for each exersise, rest 1 min inbetween (ok its over 20 min total):

lunge jumps
squat jumps
mountain climbers
jump jacks


Magnetic Sweat Workout

Part 1  11:11 10 rounds

  • Pull Pike Hold
  • Push-up Kick Backs

Part 2 1 round PERFECT FORM!

  • Elevated One Leg Clock Push-ups – 50 reps
  • Double Bike ( 1 up 2 down counts as 1 rep ) – 20 reps
  • Regenerate Row – 3 rounds of 10 per side
  • Bag Pick-up and 2 Press-Ups – 30 reps
  • Two Way Dive Bomber ( each time you push through, counts as 1 rep ) – 30 reps
  • Side Shoulder Raises – 3 rounds of 10 or 2 rounds of 15
  • Crab – 80 reps
  • Bent Over Side Raises – 3 rounds of 10 or 2 rounds of 15

Bike intervals for cardio


Blogilates Fab Abs

4 mile run

Challenge of the Week: No Sugar!

So I have decided to do a no sugar challenge this week (well next week but I can jump start a day!)

That means….no sugar, no sugar no sugar!

There are healthy sugars and bad sugars….so wait…healthy sugars? Well let’s crack down on what is not healthy

  • All processed sugars like cakes, pastries, blanched wheat products, sodas, cookies, chocolate (waaaahhhh!!!!), candy (right before halloween!)
  • Maple syrup, all processed syrups like strawberry and blueberry!
  • Honey (unless its raw, then 1 tsp is ok)
  • Jellies and Jams
  • Artificial sweeteners, yes they have no sugar but they are the absolute worst(and taste like chemicals to me)
  • Any food produce with over 5g of sugar (like pasta and bread)
  • Protein shakes/bars (granola, protein, any bar!) with over 5g of sugar

So what is acceptable for this week’s challenge?

  • Fruit, up to 2 servings (this will be hard for me)
  • Any food produce under 5g of sugar.

So I am hoping this will help cut my sugar craving since its gone out of control this past year (I blame my internship for shoving candy in my face and asking me if i’m human for not eating candy)

Also this gets back into paying attention to labels and portion sizes.  For example, I love greek yogurt.  1 cup of greek yogurt has 9g of sugar.  So I’ll just have 1/2 cup or 1/4 cup.  Honestly I don’t know why I would eat a whole cup of yogurt anyways lol.  I also love nuts, I looked at the label and there’s quit a bit of sugar in there.  And soy milk, 1 cup of the one that I own has 6g, I will have to cut it down to 1/2 cup now.

Oct. 14-20th

Sunday – off
Mon – lower
Tues – upper
Wed – abs  + Cardio
Thurs – lower
Fri – upper
Sat – =abs + cardio



Lovingfit: Destroy Me

Part 1: 45 sec on/10 sec off for 12 rounds

DB Side lunge (right)
DB Back lunge pulses (right)
DB side lunge (left)
DB back lunge pulses (left)

Side lunge: always drop the dumbells on the ground before picking back up!

Part 2: 3 rounds

50 squat pulse with balance ball against the wall holding weight overhead
15 ball plank roll
15 V Up Abs with weight
20 bicycle with weight

Should take roughly 15 min.

Part 3: 25 sec on/10 sec off for 8 rounds

DB jump lunges


Lovingfit: force of Muscle

• 50 acro spiderman push ups (side plank with bottom leg bent at upper body, go into single leg plank, go into spiderman and pushup, go back into single leg plank, side plank with bent bottom leg, go into low squat to switch to other side)
• 30 wall climbers
• 50 twisted chair dips (plank position on chair, cross one leg behind the other and rotate the body towards the bent leg, pushup. repeat other side)
• 30 wall climbers
• 30 pull up & leg raise (if no pullup bar then just do single leg assisted chair pullups)
• 30 wall climbers
• 25 one leg pike press (one leg up in the air for pike press.  challenge: arm on same side on med ball)
• 30 wall climbers
• 50 stretching cobra (cobra position, arms straight, toes on floor. straight leg side kick in this position)



5 min warmup
5 min up intensity a level
2 min hard : 1 min easy  x3
4 min recovery pace, but not too slow or too easy
1 min super intense : 1 min easy x 3
another 2 min at same easy pace
3 min at hard pace
5 min cooldown

total 40 min

Angry Fitness Trainer Abs O’Mighty:

3 rounds:

• 20 reps side heel touches (in crunch up position and touch heels by using obliques side-side)
• 20 reps plank to tsquar side plank (or do arm under instead of plank :P)
• 20 reps X Abs (arms and legs apart on the ground, lift opposite arm and leg and touch TOES.  Challenge: keep both legs off ground)
• 20 reps rocking abs (get into tuck position and rock, do not hug your knees, keep arms at head)
• 20 reps weighted side bends (one side has the weight, then switch to the other side)


ZWOW #33 15 minute AMPRAP

10 side lunge burpees (alt. sides)
10 sets of 10 squat pulses with jump up
10 james bond lunge (alt. sides)
15 side plank leg lift (leg front & back = 1 rep) – each side

(or in my case if your halfway through the round when 15 min is up then complete the round)

Squat challenge Blogilates:


Tatianna at cyberevil 3-4 Rounds:

8-10 push ups
8-10 pull ups (used a chair with 2 broom, make this harder by doing one leg assisted)
12-15 dive bombers
12-15 dips
10-12 dumbbell hammer curls
15 back lifts (a.k.a. superman)

Part #2: 10 sec/40 sec for 12 rounds interval cardio

Burpees (no push ups)
High knees with jump rope
Mt. Climbers


Same cardio as Wednesday or possible run outside (depends on how my ankle is)

Abs workout from fitness blender: 3 rounds

10 reps “W” leg raises (leg raise feet together, leg raise feet apart)
1 min plank
14 frog leg crunches (double crunch with legs in froggie style)
15 figure “4” leg raises
30 leg raise toe taps (on your elbows, raise legs, bend only knee and tap toe to floor)
20 diagonal jackknife crunches
35 standing toe touches