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Tabata Saturday

I am sick…well more like an allergic reaction that went horribly wrong.  But I want to talk about being sick and working out.  Some people will use it as an excuse, some people will push through it.  Growing up, I had coaches that would say:  “unless you are throwing up, have vertigo effect, or have a high fever then you are still going to practice.  Just do what you can do.”  Usually halfway through a workout they’ll tell us to just stop and cool down because there is no point in pushing yourself beyond exhaustion.

To be honest exercising can actually make you feel better.  Just a regular run can do it, doesn’t have to be anything hard…..unless you want to find your limits.  I already know my sick limits…so onto today’s workout.

Tabata workout- 20:10 8 rounds for each exercise. 30-60 seconds before moving onto the next one, check your heart rate if you want.

Switch Lunge Jumps (2 jumps count as 1).  Make it easier by taking out the jump and just do a step lunge.  Make it harder by adding weights.

Pushup Burpees.  Make it easier by stepping back and/or taking out the jump and just stand up.  Make it harder by adding a med ball and do the pushup on the medball and jump up with the medball.

Skater Touchdowns (1 jump counts as 1) (or better described as side lunge jump touchdowns.  Keep the arm that is not on the ground on the bent leg so you don’t hurt yourself) Make it easier by taking out the jump and just do side lunge touchdowns. Make it harder by adding a weight, if dumbells then still touch the ground slightly, if ball then just do around the world with the arms.

Ski plank jumps (1 jump counts as 1) (was going to do plank side-to-side in and outs but this works your calfs better) Make it easier by just doing plank jacks. Make it harder by putting hands on a med ball.

Prisoner Low Jacks (You will want to automatically want to round your back, focus on keeping your chest up to keep your back straight) Make it easier by just doing prisoner jacks or just prisoner squats.  Make it harder by going lower or adding weight.