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Brutal Jump Rope Circuit

This one was a killer.  Probably because I ran before I did it, but when I got to burpees I don’t think I realized how brutal it was.  Oh and for the jump rope part, you must go fast…this workout is speed speed speed!

Warmup: 20 min run in the dark 😀

each group is 60:60 (both work) for a total of 4 min

  • Jump Rope
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Jump Rope
  • Mountain Climbers

30 sec rest (your only rest)

  • Jump Rope
  • High Knees
  • Jump Rope
  • High Knees

30 sec rest

  • Jump Rope
  • Squat Jumps
  • Jump Rope
  • Burpees

30 sec rest

  • Jump Rope
  • Kettlebell Swings (or dumbell, sandbag, water jug, sand bag)
  • Jump Rope
  • Kettlebell Swings

30 sec rest

  • Jump Rope
  • Jump Lunges
  • Jump Rope
  • Jump Lunges

Cooldown…Ab Ripper Plus (didnt do it yesterday lol) and stretching.


Skipping Rope

Rope skipping…engages legs, calves, hamstrings, glutes, core, back, chest, shoulders, arms…total body.

If you cannot do 30 straight minutes of skipping then do intervals. Intervals are better then steady pace cardio because your heart rate goes up and down and you can give yourself a short break to recover.

Here’s some variations of interval skipping

Longer Cardio:

60:30 for 30 min

90:30 for 30 min

2 min:30 sec for 30 min

Sprint Cardio

30:10 x8 (around 5 min)

20:10 x8 for tabata style

Here’s a video on different variations:

Check out his channel for some simple yet pretty hard workouts

Tabata Saturday

I am sick…well more like an allergic reaction that went horribly wrong.  But I want to talk about being sick and working out.  Some people will use it as an excuse, some people will push through it.  Growing up, I had coaches that would say:  “unless you are throwing up, have vertigo effect, or have a high fever then you are still going to practice.  Just do what you can do.”  Usually halfway through a workout they’ll tell us to just stop and cool down because there is no point in pushing yourself beyond exhaustion.

To be honest exercising can actually make you feel better.  Just a regular run can do it, doesn’t have to be anything hard…..unless you want to find your limits.  I already know my sick limits…so onto today’s workout.

Tabata workout- 20:10 8 rounds for each exercise. 30-60 seconds before moving onto the next one, check your heart rate if you want.

Switch Lunge Jumps (2 jumps count as 1).  Make it easier by taking out the jump and just do a step lunge.  Make it harder by adding weights.

Pushup Burpees.  Make it easier by stepping back and/or taking out the jump and just stand up.  Make it harder by adding a med ball and do the pushup on the medball and jump up with the medball.

Skater Touchdowns (1 jump counts as 1) (or better described as side lunge jump touchdowns.  Keep the arm that is not on the ground on the bent leg so you don’t hurt yourself) Make it easier by taking out the jump and just do side lunge touchdowns. Make it harder by adding a weight, if dumbells then still touch the ground slightly, if ball then just do around the world with the arms.

Ski plank jumps (1 jump counts as 1) (was going to do plank side-to-side in and outs but this works your calfs better) Make it easier by just doing plank jacks. Make it harder by putting hands on a med ball.

Prisoner Low Jacks (You will want to automatically want to round your back, focus on keeping your chest up to keep your back straight) Make it easier by just doing prisoner jacks or just prisoner squats.  Make it harder by going lower or adding weight.







Dec 6 2012 Workout

Warmup = 20 min run…outside in 20° weather.  You have no idea how refreshing this felt.

Ass Busting Workout

(1 round instead of 2)

Part 1 10:10 for 2 minutes

  • Jump Lunges
  • Mountain Climbers

Keep your legs mounted where you land for the last jump and drop down or straighten up for the next interval.

Part 2 200 freestyle jump rope (actually figured out proper jump rope form…I don’t jump rope and when I do it looks hilarious…but actually nailed it) Took me about 2 minutes

Part 3 repeat part 1

Part 4 10:40 for 5 minutes

  • Sumo squat and leg raise on pullup bar (12/10/11)
  • Pull up (10/9/9) (used a chair to help get up, trying to ween off of the chair)

Then I decided I didn’t want to kill my legs because I was lifting tomorrow for p90x lower body workout so did the Burpees are Forever…which killed my legs anyways.

Burpees are Forever

10:50 12 rounds

  • 1 Legged Pushup Burpee with Side Jump (or ski jump, you can use both feet for side jump!)
  • Side Pushup Burpee
  • Starburst Burpee (plank, jump back, jack out, pushup, jack in, jump in, jump into a star!)

If your legs start need a bit of recovery but you mentally want to keep going or your upper body isn’t feeling the torment yet then then…. instead of jumping in/out from plank just step in/out and instead of jumping up just stand up.  Your legs will get a bit of recovery so they can jump back in and finish the interval.

Scores for Burpees are Forever:

  • 9/9/9/9
  • 11/10/10/10
  • 10/9.5/9/9

Cool down ended up with walking around the house in circles for 10 minutes straight and some stretching.

Oct. 14-20th

Sunday – off
Mon – lower
Tues – upper
Wed – abs  + Cardio
Thurs – lower
Fri – upper
Sat – =abs + cardio



Lovingfit: Destroy Me

Part 1: 45 sec on/10 sec off for 12 rounds

DB Side lunge (right)
DB Back lunge pulses (right)
DB side lunge (left)
DB back lunge pulses (left)

Side lunge: always drop the dumbells on the ground before picking back up!

Part 2: 3 rounds

50 squat pulse with balance ball against the wall holding weight overhead
15 ball plank roll
15 V Up Abs with weight
20 bicycle with weight

Should take roughly 15 min.

Part 3: 25 sec on/10 sec off for 8 rounds

DB jump lunges


Lovingfit: force of Muscle

• 50 acro spiderman push ups (side plank with bottom leg bent at upper body, go into single leg plank, go into spiderman and pushup, go back into single leg plank, side plank with bent bottom leg, go into low squat to switch to other side)
• 30 wall climbers
• 50 twisted chair dips (plank position on chair, cross one leg behind the other and rotate the body towards the bent leg, pushup. repeat other side)
• 30 wall climbers
• 30 pull up & leg raise (if no pullup bar then just do single leg assisted chair pullups)
• 30 wall climbers
• 25 one leg pike press (one leg up in the air for pike press.  challenge: arm on same side on med ball)
• 30 wall climbers
• 50 stretching cobra (cobra position, arms straight, toes on floor. straight leg side kick in this position)



5 min warmup
5 min up intensity a level
2 min hard : 1 min easy  x3
4 min recovery pace, but not too slow or too easy
1 min super intense : 1 min easy x 3
another 2 min at same easy pace
3 min at hard pace
5 min cooldown

total 40 min

Angry Fitness Trainer Abs O’Mighty:

3 rounds:

• 20 reps side heel touches (in crunch up position and touch heels by using obliques side-side)
• 20 reps plank to tsquar side plank (or do arm under instead of plank :P)
• 20 reps X Abs (arms and legs apart on the ground, lift opposite arm and leg and touch TOES.  Challenge: keep both legs off ground)
• 20 reps rocking abs (get into tuck position and rock, do not hug your knees, keep arms at head)
• 20 reps weighted side bends (one side has the weight, then switch to the other side)


ZWOW #33 15 minute AMPRAP

10 side lunge burpees (alt. sides)
10 sets of 10 squat pulses with jump up
10 james bond lunge (alt. sides)
15 side plank leg lift (leg front & back = 1 rep) – each side

(or in my case if your halfway through the round when 15 min is up then complete the round)

Squat challenge Blogilates:


Tatianna at cyberevil 3-4 Rounds:

8-10 push ups
8-10 pull ups (used a chair with 2 broom, make this harder by doing one leg assisted)
12-15 dive bombers
12-15 dips
10-12 dumbbell hammer curls
15 back lifts (a.k.a. superman)

Part #2: 10 sec/40 sec for 12 rounds interval cardio

Burpees (no push ups)
High knees with jump rope
Mt. Climbers


Same cardio as Wednesday or possible run outside (depends on how my ankle is)

Abs workout from fitness blender: 3 rounds

10 reps “W” leg raises (leg raise feet together, leg raise feet apart)
1 min plank
14 frog leg crunches (double crunch with legs in froggie style)
15 figure “4” leg raises
30 leg raise toe taps (on your elbows, raise legs, bend only knee and tap toe to floor)
20 diagonal jackknife crunches
35 standing toe touches