Dec 6 2012 Workout

Warmup = 20 min run…outside in 20° weather.  You have no idea how refreshing this felt.

Ass Busting Workout

(1 round instead of 2)

Part 1 10:10 for 2 minutes

  • Jump Lunges
  • Mountain Climbers

Keep your legs mounted where you land for the last jump and drop down or straighten up for the next interval.

Part 2 200 freestyle jump rope (actually figured out proper jump rope form…I don’t jump rope and when I do it looks hilarious…but actually nailed it) Took me about 2 minutes

Part 3 repeat part 1

Part 4 10:40 for 5 minutes

  • Sumo squat and leg raise on pullup bar (12/10/11)
  • Pull up (10/9/9) (used a chair to help get up, trying to ween off of the chair)

Then I decided I didn’t want to kill my legs because I was lifting tomorrow for p90x lower body workout so did the Burpees are Forever…which killed my legs anyways.

Burpees are Forever

10:50 12 rounds

  • 1 Legged Pushup Burpee with Side Jump (or ski jump, you can use both feet for side jump!)
  • Side Pushup Burpee
  • Starburst Burpee (plank, jump back, jack out, pushup, jack in, jump in, jump into a star!)

If your legs start need a bit of recovery but you mentally want to keep going or your upper body isn’t feeling the torment yet then then…. instead of jumping in/out from plank just step in/out and instead of jumping up just stand up.  Your legs will get a bit of recovery so they can jump back in and finish the interval.

Scores for Burpees are Forever:

  • 9/9/9/9
  • 11/10/10/10
  • 10/9.5/9/9

Cool down ended up with walking around the house in circles for 10 minutes straight and some stretching.


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