Tuesday’s HIIT and whatnot

12 min warmup  ALWAYS keep the first round at a good moderate pace, you are warming up, not pulling muscle tissue.  After the first round you can speed it up a bit.

Set Fire Workout

10:30 24 rounds, you will go through this 4 times

  • 2 Jump Lunge & 2 Mountain Climbers
  • Sliding Pushups (or side to side walking pushups, which is what I did because for some reason that  was written down lol)
  • 2 Jump Lunge & 2 Mountain Climbers
  • V Sit Crunch w/ Scissor Kicks(REALLY concentrate on keeping your legs straight)
  • 2 Jump Lunge & 2 Mountain Climbers
  • Reverse Pushup & Knee Tuck (you can use dip station, or broom inbetween 2 chairs, or do pullups with or w/o a chair)

For the lunge jump to mountain climbers, I experimented a bit with ways to make this faster and harder.  I found that doing   3 Mountain climbers instead of 2 because you won’t be pushing off the same leg every time you get up, keeping both legs balanced.  If you just did 2 mountain climbers you will fatigue one leg pretty quickly.

Take about 5 min before starting the next workout

Amazing Fat Burn

Part 1- 9:6 16 rounds

  • 9 sec: High knees
  • 6 sec: 2 commando pushups

Part 2: 12 rounds

  • 10 SB squats
  • Plank back
  • 4 elevated pushup and knee tucks (left, right, left, right)

My Scores:

I counted the lunge jump/mnt climber combo the first round but then discovered that I wasnt pushing myself fast enough because I was counting.

walking pushups: 14/14/12/13

V-situp and scissor kick: 10/11/11/10

Pullup to Knee Tuck: 6/6/6/6

Didn’t count Part 1 of the next workout, unless I filmed myself there is literally no point.

Part 2: 11:51, mainly focusing on form.


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