December Challenge: Water Water Everywhere

For my December challenge….yes 4 weeks of the same challenge….I was debating on another sugar challenge…but instead I went for something else.


They say to drink 1-2 L of water….so…how many cups is 1 liter of water?  Well 8 80z glasses of water is 1.9 liters.

Some things to consider is that 2 liters may be too much or too little depending on environmental factors and your lifestyle.

Water intoxication: when a person drinks to much water and electrolyte ratio is very low and can lead to fatal heart or swelling of your brain.  But this is much less likely to occur than dehydration.  Usually those training for a marathon should pay more attention since I see more problems with this during races.  In other words you don’t really have to worry about it, I am pretty sure your body will start to feel nauseated if you drink to much, unless your kidneys are not functioning properly.

Dehydration: when the body doesn’t have enough fluids.  The body needs fluids to function and can cause lethargy, dry mouth (unless its like…really dry out), and low blood pressure (hellooooo dizzy!).  Keep it up and you can have organs failing.

Both can cause water retention….yup….drink too much water and obviously you will get a water bloat, drink too little and just like a crash diet your body will hold onto water.

How do I know I am drinking too much water?

Well first you will have sloshing in your stomach!  But in all seriousness you will have confusion, headaches, nausea (like the thought of water makes you feel worse), bloating.

How do I know I am drinking too little water?

Your urine will be more yellow for starters. Your mouth may feel dry, your skin may be dry.  You will probably want something with carbs, especially after a workout and you have already eaten.  You will also experience headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

I was going to get onto water and fat cells…but…I’ll save that for another time because I will go off topic

Drinkun fowntan ur doing it wrong @icanhascheezeburger



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