Lower Body P90x Mix up

I got bored with the lower body workout from p90x.  Yea i only did it 3 times….I get bored easily obviously.  Plus I have a weird hip rotation and my knees are not aligned properly with my feet so they like to go inward.  Making a lot of the moves awkward to do..like the 3 way lunge (especially the 45° one), and I love a good post workout soreness and that was only present the first time through….time to switch!

Mixed in some Lovingfit lower body workout the Star Power Training Workout.


3 rounds (first 2 rounds do the pull ups, last round pull ups are optional…my arms died lol) (Use a light weight for this workout or else you will be all over the place.  I used 10 lb dumbells)

  • Weighted Split Squat Right Leg  x20
  • Bodyweight Side Lunge Flow Right Leg x25 (side lunge/wood chop with the back leg lifted)
  • Reverse Close Grip Chin up  x25
  • Weighted Split Squat Left Leg x20
  • Bodyweight Side Lunge Flow Left Leg x25
  • Wide Grip Pullup x25
  • Weighted Jump Lunge Combo x25
  • Drive Squat x30 (it’s like a dumbell swing but your upper arms stay isolated and you do a hammer curl)
  • Close Grip Pullup x25
  • Calf Raises Toes In, Toes Forward, Toes Out – x15 slow x10 fast each
  • Squat to knee raise twist to opposite elbow x25 (each side counts as 1 so you will be doing 50 total)
  • Switch Grip Pullup x25

Ended with Ab Ripper X, which I had to wait 5 min to do because my legs were shot.

I was going to do a 15 min  skipping workout after but this took me a little over an hour to do.


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