Workout of the Day, Nov 29th 2012

Back-to-back Bodyrock Z workouts because I need variation to insanity or I will go insane myself lol.

9 min warmup 10:20  (10 seconds is jogging in place) 18 rounds

  • Jumping jacks (any type of jacks really)
  • Switch kicks (keep elbows close to body, like you are going to kick some one in the face)
  • Ski Jumps (do NOT twist your body, skiiers don’t twist their bodies skiing!)
  • Touch the floor squat jumpsSquat and side kick (straight leg, if you cant lift your leg high enough to keep it straight then lift until you start to bend)
  • Mountain climbers

there is an easier variation on bodyrock website, I just alternated it to get my heartrate up (I love a hard heartpounding workout bahaha)

Caught Stripping Fat WO

Part 1: 6 min AMRAMP (apparently there was a roll over and knee tucks that I forgot…still a good workout though)

  • 2 commando pushups (you are lying on the ground, military style pushup where you’re hands are close to your ribs, do not push your butt up first)
  • jump in to squatjump forward10 SB squats (30 lb)2 jump back

Part 2: 10:50 6 rounds (20 lb sandbag…which i found might be too light, but I hurt my lower back at work a while back)

  • SB swing (keep abs tight and squeeze your but when you thrust your hips forward or you will hurt your back, also dont swing too high.)
  • SB situp (SB above head on ground, lift up over head first and sit up.  Keep legs out straight.  or cross them)

Psychopath Workout

10:20 8 rounds for each exercise so it should take 20 min total without a break.
But I highly suggest at least 30 seconds to 1 min max inbetween each one.

  • Pushup Burpees (or half burpee pushup, or no pushup burpee to alternate it)
  • 1 leg deadlift and jump up (alt legs with each interval, so you will do 4 for each leg)
  • Mountain climbersPlank V hops (originally v-ups but I did those yesterday :P,  Basically jump in and then jump out to the left and twist a bit to engage obliques and jump back IN to the middle and out to the right)
  • Side lunge jump touchdown (originally no jump, but I wanted to add it to make it more challenging)

My Results:

Part 1 – 14 rounds (as soon as i got to 10 I was wondering if i started my clock)  ending HR: 180

Part 2 :

ending HR : 144

Part 3:


Ending HR for each round: 168/180/192/192/186


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