p90x month 1

Since I keep getting random foot injuries I’ve decided to take a swing at P90X…combined with insanity for cardio days. (at least I can do plyo type exercises, the bike got boring real quick)

First pics are before and second pics are 30 days.  I do apologize for the mess you are about to see, I had one hell of a week at work with the holidays coming up and training for seasonal supervisor for seasonal employees and pulling a lot of overtime….yes we like to start 2 weeks before halloween..which is personally yuck.

Front view:

Front before

front 30 days















Side View:

side view before

side view 30 days















Back view:

back before

back 30 days
















Quite honestly…I can’t really tell if I had progress…. I guess my butt is more lifted in the second pic and my lower back looks smaller…as for the side view, that first pic is my normal posture and the second is also normal posture so I guess my posture improved (take that neck kink!).  I also gained about 2 pounds…so I am debating on adding a short HIIT workout post lifting.


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