Challenge: no calorie counting in a calorie count world

I know I am late posting this :p

I took some thought into this one.  There was a period in my life where I counted calories, ate unhealthy because I was counting calories.  Went into a program that counted servings, ate a little bit better.  Then stopped counting all together and enjoyed life. And now I am back to counting calories like a mad woman!

So for this week I decided to NOT COUNT my calories.  In a calorie counting obsessed world every forum, news post, article, every single one has it straight on with “calories in : calories out”  method.  But with that method I find myself eating whatever because I still have calories left regardless if I am hungry or not.

So the rules are simple:

  • Do not count calories (haha my main problem)
  • Think about what you are putting in your mouth, that sugary doughnut will bring a different output than that banana. (problem 2!)
  • Respect fullness levels.  Just because you have to eat the remaining 100 calories on that plate to fullfil your qouta doesnt mean you have to if you are full.  Which leads to…
  • Respect your hunger levels.  Are you hungry or are you bored? Are you angry or hurt and want food? Are you actually thirsty?  If not then you might be hungry.
  • Reject your “diet”.  Super low carb? Cutting out meat? Liquid only? Get rid of it.

Also want to throw in another rule for myself just for experimentation:

Must be able to remember what was eaten by the end of the day because the food will get logged at the end.  At the end of the week I will then see how calories end up balancing themselves out.  I may eat 800 calories one day but then 1800 the next 2 days and then 1400. Or more carbs one day and more protein the next day.


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