Challenge of the Week: No Sugar!

So I have decided to do a no sugar challenge this week (well next week but I can jump start a day!)

That means….no sugar, no sugar no sugar!

There are healthy sugars and bad sugars….so wait…healthy sugars? Well let’s crack down on what is not healthy

  • All processed sugars like cakes, pastries, blanched wheat products, sodas, cookies, chocolate (waaaahhhh!!!!), candy (right before halloween!)
  • Maple syrup, all processed syrups like strawberry and blueberry!
  • Honey (unless its raw, then 1 tsp is ok)
  • Jellies and Jams
  • Artificial sweeteners, yes they have no sugar but they are the absolute worst(and taste like chemicals to me)
  • Any food produce with over 5g of sugar (like pasta and bread)
  • Protein shakes/bars (granola, protein, any bar!) with over 5g of sugar

So what is acceptable for this week’s challenge?

  • Fruit, up to 2 servings (this will be hard for me)
  • Any food produce under 5g of sugar.

So I am hoping this will help cut my sugar craving since its gone out of control this past year (I blame my internship for shoving candy in my face and asking me if i’m human for not eating candy)

Also this gets back into paying attention to labels and portion sizes.  For example, I love greek yogurt.  1 cup of greek yogurt has 9g of sugar.  So I’ll just have 1/2 cup or 1/4 cup.  Honestly I don’t know why I would eat a whole cup of yogurt anyways lol.  I also love nuts, I looked at the label and there’s quit a bit of sugar in there.  And soy milk, 1 cup of the one that I own has 6g, I will have to cut it down to 1/2 cup now.


2 responses to “Challenge of the Week: No Sugar!”

  1. Jason Cole says :

    Great Challenge!! Wish you success on your journey! Sweets are my Achilles Heel!! As i’m learning myself on my on journey I’m realizing there are a lot of things i can do without.

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