Oct. 14-20th

Sunday – off
Mon – lower
Tues – upper
Wed – abs  + Cardio
Thurs – lower
Fri – upper
Sat – =abs + cardio



Lovingfit: Destroy Me

Part 1: 45 sec on/10 sec off for 12 rounds

DB Side lunge (right)
DB Back lunge pulses (right)
DB side lunge (left)
DB back lunge pulses (left)

Side lunge: always drop the dumbells on the ground before picking back up!

Part 2: 3 rounds

50 squat pulse with balance ball against the wall holding weight overhead
15 ball plank roll
15 V Up Abs with weight
20 bicycle with weight

Should take roughly 15 min.

Part 3: 25 sec on/10 sec off for 8 rounds

DB jump lunges


Lovingfit: force of Muscle

• 50 acro spiderman push ups (side plank with bottom leg bent at upper body, go into single leg plank, go into spiderman and pushup, go back into single leg plank, side plank with bent bottom leg, go into low squat to switch to other side)
• 30 wall climbers
• 50 twisted chair dips (plank position on chair, cross one leg behind the other and rotate the body towards the bent leg, pushup. repeat other side)
• 30 wall climbers
• 30 pull up & leg raise (if no pullup bar then just do single leg assisted chair pullups)
• 30 wall climbers
• 25 one leg pike press (one leg up in the air for pike press.  challenge: arm on same side on med ball)
• 30 wall climbers
• 50 stretching cobra (cobra position, arms straight, toes on floor. straight leg side kick in this position)



5 min warmup
5 min up intensity a level
2 min hard : 1 min easy  x3
4 min recovery pace, but not too slow or too easy
1 min super intense : 1 min easy x 3
another 2 min at same easy pace
3 min at hard pace
5 min cooldown

total 40 min

Angry Fitness Trainer Abs O’Mighty:

3 rounds:

• 20 reps side heel touches (in crunch up position and touch heels by using obliques side-side)
• 20 reps plank to tsquar side plank (or do arm under instead of plank :P)
• 20 reps X Abs (arms and legs apart on the ground, lift opposite arm and leg and touch TOES.  Challenge: keep both legs off ground)
• 20 reps rocking abs (get into tuck position and rock, do not hug your knees, keep arms at head)
• 20 reps weighted side bends (one side has the weight, then switch to the other side)


ZWOW #33 15 minute AMPRAP

10 side lunge burpees (alt. sides)
10 sets of 10 squat pulses with jump up
10 james bond lunge (alt. sides)
15 side plank leg lift (leg front & back = 1 rep) – each side

(or in my case if your halfway through the round when 15 min is up then complete the round)

Squat challenge Blogilates:


Tatianna at cyberevil 3-4 Rounds:

8-10 push ups
8-10 pull ups (used a chair with 2 broom, make this harder by doing one leg assisted)
12-15 dive bombers
12-15 dips
10-12 dumbbell hammer curls
15 back lifts (a.k.a. superman)

Part #2: 10 sec/40 sec for 12 rounds interval cardio

Burpees (no push ups)
High knees with jump rope
Mt. Climbers


Same cardio as Wednesday or possible run outside (depends on how my ankle is)

Abs workout from fitness blender: 3 rounds

10 reps “W” leg raises (leg raise feet together, leg raise feet apart)
1 min plank
14 frog leg crunches (double crunch with legs in froggie style)
15 figure “4” leg raises
30 leg raise toe taps (on your elbows, raise legs, bend only knee and tap toe to floor)
20 diagonal jackknife crunches
35 standing toe touches


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